Whining Lisa

Geez! This is probably the hardest I’ve ever worked on a comic! I noticed how terrible the quality has gotten over the past month, so I worked my hardest on this one, using Vector layers, multiple shades, Google translate, and yes, a little Copy pasting.

Also, if you want to know what Mona says, she is saying:

Who are you?! How dare you even gaze upon such sacred beauty! Why, I ought to have you hanged!

By Moses

Moses grew up enjoying dogs and comics, and tolerating (okay, sometimes liking) his 3 brothers. He has drawn comics since he was 5, including comics such as "Nimrods", "The Question Mark", "Nintoondo", "Sophmoric", and "Spike and Bob". He calls himself an artist but can't decide on what kind, (Cartoonist? Graphic designer? Musician? Painter? Plagiarist?) He thanks you for your support and non-suing of him.

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