That’s pretty cool!

If you’re wondering:

1: No I did not print this off the internet or get it from a fan. I drew it myself.

2: The reason I know how to draw like this is because I created my very own Superhero comic world (Like DC or Marvel) It’s called Titanium comics.

Also, I’m doing one comic every two days still. I just needed a quick break and I got it. Thanks and bye!

On another note., I now Have a blog! It’s just my random thoughts, and you can find it at !

By Moses

Moses grew up enjoying dogs and comics, and tolerating (okay, sometimes liking) his 3 brothers. He has drawn comics since he was 5, including comics such as "Nimrods", "The Question Mark", "Nintoondo", "Sophmoric", and "Spike and Bob". He calls himself an artist but can't decide on what kind, (Cartoonist? Graphic designer? Musician? Painter? Plagiarist?) He thanks you for your support and non-suing of him.

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Maybe you can do a series with Calvin as a teenager set in the future. Like an imagination or dream sequence. I think this Calvin looks like a 16 year old version of Calvin… but what to do with Hobbes.????

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