Ok, A few things to announce and say with this comic. I plan to start doing a comic every two days , but this is just a test, so don’t kill me for failure. In a few weeks, I will announce if I will continue or not. Also, I will be doing my comics in color now, and this is not a “maybe”.

Man, Calvin’s mom is easy mode to draw, but his dad is just murder for me. Sadly, I can probably draw both of them better than Calvin, though it’s comforting to know that I don’t need to look at a book for him.

Also, Meolofors is a real spell, and it does “Encase the victim’s head in a pumpkin”. Look it up.

By Moses

This guy is Moses. He wants to go to art school and loves character design, and really likes comics and cartooning. Poor guy. He's gonna be in student debt for the rest of his life. Ah well. He's having fun, so we'll let him keep going

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