This is a reference to the heated debate over why Harry Potter needed glasses. You can probably see where I stand.

By Moses

Moses grew up enjoying dogs and comics, and tolerating (okay, sometimes liking) his 3 brothers. He has drawn comics since he was 5, including comics such as "Nimrods", "The Question Mark", "Nintoondo", "Sophmoric", and "Spike and Bob". He calls himself an artist but can't decide on what kind, (Cartoonist? Graphic designer? Musician? Painter? Plagiarist?) He thanks you for your support and non-suing of him.

8 replies on “Disabled”

Interesting question. One thing to consider is that many in the disabled community are trying to communicate that disabilities aren’t inherently negative. Is is a BAD thing to have a physical or mental handicap? Should one WANT to change it if it was possible?

If the answer is “yes,” does that mean that you are making a value judgement on disabled vs. abled bodies?

You might be able to argue that the things that Harry “fixed” were broken parts of him and should have been repaired while his eyesight while a “disability” was not something bad that needed fixing.

So, Moses, you have hit on a very real debate in the disabled world surrounding the idea of “ableism.” The best thing to do about it is make some relationships in that world and ask people with different disabilities what THEY think about it.

(sorry for the lecture, but I think this cartoon is really deep… maybe deeper than you realize. I hope some other people will weigh in on it too.)

I agree with both of your comments ArtWatcher. I would LOVE to see Calvin become friends with (Or sworn enemy) of Harry.

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