Break a leg

I wanted to make this comic mostly because when I went to see Sweeny Todd , halfway through the show in this exact scene, the conductor of the live band dropped his music card holder.

It echoed loudly through the whole auditorium, and for a moment, there was complete, utter, and total silence.

Then, without missing a beat, Ms. Lovett closed her eyes, said, “Just pick it back up again dearie.” and continued the play. I was so astounded by her skills that I wanted to make a comic about it.

So I did.

By Moses

Moses grew up enjoying dogs and comics, and tolerating (okay, sometimes liking) his 3 brothers. He has drawn comics since he was 5, including comics such as "Nimrods", "The Question Mark", "Nintoondo", "Sophmoric", and "Spike and Bob". He calls himself an artist but can't decide on what kind, (Cartoonist? Graphic designer? Musician? Painter? Plagiarist?) He thanks you for your support and non-suing of him.

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